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To: visitors to the Filled Pause Research Center
Re: copyright infringement

I am aware that most of the articles abstracted in this web site are excerpted from copyrighted journals and as such "no part of them may be reproduced in any form without prior consent" (or analogous wording). I have not, however, included the body of any of these articles (with the exception of brief quotes). Further, I have sought to contextualize these materials with respect to the study of filled pauses. Finally, I receive no financial benefit from them and offer them here only as an aid to the filled pause researcher.

It is my hope that visitors will accept the slightly liberal interpretation of copyright law practiced here for the sake of academic freedom.

However, if you hold the copyright to any of the materials abstracted here and object to their presence, please contact me and I will remove the materials in question immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Ralph L. Rose

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