Friday, October 23, 1998 at 04:56:12

Your site is very interesting--it is a something that we all experience/or witness in everyday language, but not necessarily something we think about! I am  a student at Iowa State University, and I came across your page while looking for resources on a linguistics project I am doing involving Internet chatters. Might you recommend any on-line resources about the chatters use of language?

- KC

I regret to say that I cannot help you much with respect to Internet chatters.  I have never really engaged in a chat session myself (once or twice as a silent observer and that's about all I could dare...), so the first I knew there might be any coincidence between FPs and chat was through visitor's feedback!   At present, I have not made any study of them, so I really don't know where there are any online or offline references.  Probably you should try the major search engines and directories.  However, you might also try these topical directories:

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