Saturday, March 14, 1998 at 06:22:38

Have you heard the phenomena referred to as "audible pauses." This seems more fitting. Try Henry Kissinger for annoyance. Try Irish speaking English for "ems." Nice unique site. Have fun.

- TF

Indeed, 'audible pauses' might be a more meaningful term for these speech phenomena.  Before I began studying this field formally, I always called them 'articulated pauses' and had never heard any other term for them.  However, the lingo among those who study speech hesitations is now 'filled pause'.  And every piece of published literature about them conforms to this.  Someday, if I become a leader in the field (that's a big 'IF'), I may seek to change the lingo--that's the right of the leading scholars.  However, for now, I just follow along as an obedient foot-soldier...

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