Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 02:38:52

i like your page and especially your definition of a teacher, as i am one,too. i hope that your internet-work does leave you some time for your family. many regards from switzerland, where rain, fog and snow are falling from heaven

- K

It is true that maintaining a web site can take a lot of time.  Though it doesn't take as much time as the research itself!  However, I do most of my internet activities from home where I'm near my family and can always take a break to play a quick game with my son or whatever.  I've been a lot busier with this site, though, since it finally got listed on Yahoo.  Now I get two or three feedback messages a day.  At present I'm trying to respond to each personally, but even that may become too much for me.  We'll see!

so it was the first month eith my own homepage. now i receive a lot of messages, sometimes even 7 a day and i cannot answer all the same day. but i think that its great to have contact all over the world.


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