Wednesday, March 18, 1998 at 16:07:19

A lot of work went into this, but I cannot seem to arrive at the point. What is this for?

- S

Indeed, you are right.  The 'point' really has not been made yet.  I put this site together in the early stages of my own research into the topic.  Initially, all I really wanted to do was put up my bibliography and list of links for other 'pausologists' to take advantage of.  However, I eventually realized that not only academic researchers would access the site, but also others with at least a passing interest might browse the info so I added some extra pages to nail down the basics (which was all I really understood at the time). That was about eight months, one master's dissertation, and 15,000 site visitors ago.  I now have a much better idea about both filled pauses and my web audience.  So my next effort during the next few weeks will be to revise the main pages to address what I think people are really interested in as well as update the academic support sections for those academic researchers who do find their way to the FPRC.

Thank you for the e-mail answer. I was being rather [whiny]. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Please accept my apologies.

No apology necessary... However, I should like to point out that I am not a scholar, although I hope one day I will be able to count myself among their ranks. As for being a gentleman, well, in the archaic sense of the word at least I most certainly am not for I own neither land nor servants.

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