Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 11:50:47

A wonderful site! I am so glad I ran into it in the What's Cool section of Yahoo, for it really is cool.  My EFL students will certainly benefit from it too.  Good luck with your dissertation. I will spend time in the bibliography section as soon as I return to your site.

- JU

So you are an EFL teacher.  Me too.  I believe that our students can benefit from a greater awareness of filled pauses in spontaneous speech.  However, to my knowledge, no pause researchers have ever given any clear recommendations for ELT.   My dissertation, in part, was an attempt to redress this.  If you're interested in reading it you may find a draft version at the following URL.

As an ELT teacher you may be particularly interested in CHAPTER 5 which makes specific recommendations for integrating filled pauses and (other hesitation phenomena) in the ELT syllabus.  You can read that at the following URL.

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