Friday, February 27, 1998 at 03:38:00

you might want to visit a web-site that deals with a study on the subject of reverse speach. it deals with many famous and infamous people, like president CLINTON,O.J.SIMPSON,JON BENNEA RAMSEY'S PARENTS and others by the recording and playing back of nationally broadcast news these clips are revealed some fantasic statements that may or may not interest you but the thing i find amazing is that they are almost always preceded by a (FILLED PAUSE) when the person is speaking in forward speach.

- TD

I checked out a reverse speech site at  Indeed, it is very interesting work.  Though, I find David Oate's remark, "our minds are no longer private...", somewhat chilling.  However, the basic principles of Reverse Speech appear not to have been accepted by the mainstream academic community.  For the sake of balance, I recommend reading an entry in "The Skeptic's Dictionary" by Robert Carroll at the following URL.

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