Friday, February 20, 1998 at 07:04:23

Have you studied Americas Royal Family, the Kennedy dynasty.  The undisputed champions of the ums, ers and you sees?

- FM

I haven't formally studied about the Kennedys who have few rivals with regard to their pausing in public discourse.  However, I remember as a high school student finding "The First Family" in my father's record collection:  a wonderful spoof of the Kennedys published soon after he took office. Kennedy's impersonator (Earl Doud, I think his name is) had an extremely bright future as an imitator of JFK's and RFK's relatively disfluent speech. Though, sorry to say, Doud's career was cut short after that fateful event in Dallas made it rather inappropriate to continue caricaturing them.   I spent many hours listening to that record again and again noting "JFK's" manner of speech.  It no doubt sowed some seeds that are now beginning to sprout.

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