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Failures, exploitations and deceits in communication

Gabriella Airent, Bruno G. Bara, Marco Colombetti

In this paper we sketch the general lines of a model of an elementary interchange in a dialogue, and concentrate on the analysis of the dialogue failures and exploitations the model can account for, as well as on deceitful uses of communication and non-expressive uses of language.  We show that our model of standard communication can explain non-standard uses of language without special adaptation.  In this way we can account for a variety of linguistic phenomena which are often neglected in formal treatments of dialogue, and provide a first validation of the knowledge structures and inference processes assumed in the model.
Airenti, G., B. Bara, & M. Colombetti 1993 Failures, exploitations and deceits in communication. In Journal of Pragmatics 20/4: 303-26.

Key points relevant to the study of filled pauses


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