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Correlations among Nonverbal Expressions of Anxiety

Anthony P. Jurich and Julie A. Jurich

40 female college students were videotaped in an interview during which they were questioned about sexual attitudes.   Independent pairs of judges rated Ss using these videotapes.  Pearson product-moment correlations among 12 nonverbal ratings, a finger sweat index, and Ss' subjective evaluation of anxiety yielded low relationships among S's subjective rating, the number of times S touched her head, articulation errors, and the other variables; high correlations among finger sweat index, rater's global rating, immediacy, tone, postural relaxation, speech errors, filled pauses, editorial errors, and eye contact; and moderate correlations among rate of speech, posture shifts, etc.
Jurich, A. & J. Jurich 1974 Correlations among Nonverbal Expressions of Anxiety. In Psychological Reports 34/??: 199-204.

Key points relevant to the study of filled pauses


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