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Disfluencies in SWITCHBOARD

Elizabeth Shriberg

Disfluencies ('um', repeats, self-repairs) are prevalent in spontaneous speech, and are relevant to both human speech communication and speech processing by machine. Although disfluencies have commonly been viewed as noisy events, results from a large descriptive study indicate that disfluencies show regularities in a number of dimensions [9]. This paper reports selected results on Switchboard and two comparison corpora of spontaneous speech. Results illustrate the systematic distribution of disfluencies, and highlight differences as well as universals across corpora and speakers.
Shriberg, E. 1996 Disfluencies in SWITCHBOARD. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing Vol. Addendum, 11-14. Philadelphia, PA, 3-6 October.

Key points relevant to the study of filled pauses



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