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Hesitation Phenomena as Sources of Perceptual Errors for Non-native Speakers

Bernd Voss

The object of the study is an analysis of the perceptual problems of non-native speakers of English.  Of particular interest is the influence of the hesitation phenomena normal in spontaneous speech on the perception process. Twenty-two subjects were asked to (orthographically) transcribe a stretch of spontaneous speech. These transcripts were analysed and compared with a standardized version.  The results support the view that perception resembles a matching process between the listener's projection and the incoming acoustic information. No typical differnces were found between the perception strategies of native speakers and non-native speakers.   Hesitation phenomena were found to be important sources of perceptual problems for the non-native speakers.
Voss, B. 1979 Hesitation Phenomena as Sources of Perceptual Errors for Non-native Speakers. In Language and Speech 22/2: 129-144.

Key points relevant to the study of filled pauses


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