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Pause Loci in Stuttered and Normal Speech

Marcel E. Wingate

The mainstream of research comparing types of disfluency in stuttered and normal speech has typically omitted consideration of pause.  In contrast, psycholinguistic research addressed to disfluency in normal speech alone has revealed the salience of pause in the study of fluency/disfluency.  The research reported here, which focused on the antecedents and sequelae of filled pauses, revealed substantial differences in pattern of pause occurrence between stuttered and normal speech samples obtained from 20 matched subjects.  The results are discussed in reference to relevant findings from the research on pause in normal speech.
Wingate, M. 1984 Pause Loci in Stuttered and Normal Speech. In Journal of Fluency Disorders 9/3: 227-235.

Key points relevant to the study of filled pauses


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