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The Filled Pause Research Center is a web-based virtual study hall designed both to support and report progress on my research into the type of hesitation phenomena in human speech known as 'filled pauses'. It is my goal to keep this site up-to-date with information I uncover as well as include whatever information, links, and anecdotes you, the reader, may contribute. If you have ever given a second thought as to why human speech is filled with uhs and ums, then there is definitely something in this site for you.


So, uh, What's New at the FPRC!

Definition"Uh, what do you mean by, uh..., 'filled pauses'?" Meaning"Why do, um, people use filled pauses?"
My Interest"Um, why are you so, uh, interested in filled pauses?" My Dissertation"Just what, um, is your angle in your, uh, dissertation about filled pauses?"
Bibliography"What, um, are your sources of, uh, information about filled pauses?" Web Links"Where can I, uh, learn more about filled pauses on the, uh, web?"
About me..."Um, who are you?" Send FeedbackWhere can I send feedback about this site?
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