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Filled Pause Web Links

Following are a list of links to web pages that have something to do with filled pauses. It is, no doubt, incomplete. Therefore, I have also included links to some useful Internet search engines. Should you know of any other links that ought to be included in this list, please let me know.

Document Links

Many of the pages on the WWW that deal with filled pauses are primarily concerned with their technological implications (e.g., for speech recognition software, corpus analysis, etc.).

  • Working Papers in Linguistics 13, 1993
  • The CHRISTINE Project
  • What is a spoken language lexicon?
  • 8 Orthographic transcription
  • Speech, Talk and Conversation
  • Sociolinguistics & Cross-Cultural Pragmatics
  • Fourteenth Annual Language Testing Research Colloquium
  • Functional Categories in Bilingual First Language Acquisition and their Role in Language Differentiation
  • Spontaneous speech phenomena Conclusions
  • Modeling Potentially Hidden Linguistic Events Externally to the NGRAM
  • Modeling Disfluencies
  • Pausing Strategies in Discourse in Dutch
  • Broadcast news: a linguistic mode of analysis
  • Nancy Daly
  • Checklist for SpeechDat(M) databases
  • Lexicon of the Conventions for Transliteration of Spontaneous Speech
  • Susan E. Brennan
  • Creation and Application of Dialogue Corpora
  • Lexical and Prosodic Methods for the Detection of Repair
  • Disfluencies in Speech
  • Statistical Language Modeling for Speech Disfluencies
  • Filled Pauses in Spontaneous Speech
  • Linguist List Archive: 2.635 Queries
  • Linguist List Archive: 2.660 Responses
  • Linguist List Archive: 2.675 Pauses
  • Speech Disfluencies in Spoken Language Systems: A Dialog-Centered Approach
  • Prosodic Analysis of Various Disfluencies in Japanese
  • Welcome to Stammtisch Beau Fleuve! (look up uhh in
  • ATIS SR Output (".sro") Transcription Conventions
  • Publications (by E. Shriberg)
  • Following are links to some related topics.

    Searching the web

    Following are some related topical directories.

    Here are links to several search engines which I have found useful in my filled pause research on the web.

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