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Here's the page to find out what's new at the Filled Pause Research Center.  Keep this page bookmarked so you can quickly find out what has been added or changed since your last visit. News items are listed here in chronological order beginning with the most recent.

Dateline: Saturday, 24 October 1998

Whew! It's been a long time since I put some decent work into this site (I've been enjoying a little post-graduate school procrastination), but here finally is an important update for pause researchers.  The Bibliography page has been expanded and includes links to individual pages with abstracts and notes about each reference I have found useful in my study of filled pauses.  Transferring my notes to the site is still in-progress, but academic researchers may already get a lot of use out of the abstracts therein. Visit the Bibliography page soon to find articles useful to your research!

Dateline: Friday, 21 August 1998

The Publishers of Event Horizon: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror have chosen the Filled Pause Research Center as an EH "Hot Spot".  The link is included under the category "Strange Devices", whatever that means...

Dateline: Monday, 16 March 1998

The Feedback Archives have been updated to include all feedback up to the present (more than 100 since mid-February!). The layout has also been reorganized so that visitors may scan one-line extracts and download only those of interest. Also, search capabilities have been added.  Browse the archives today to see the intelligent thoughts of visitors to the FPRC.

Dateline: Wednesday, 11 March 1998

The Feedback Archives have been organized into topical pages for easier viewing.  Now you can quickly browse the topics which interest you most. Topics include Filled Pauses in Internet Chat, Related Topics, Women & Filled Pauses, For Teachers, Public Speaking Skills, Examples of Filled Pauses, Ideas & Theories, and Kudos & Other General Comments. Visit the archives soon to find out what other visitors to the FPRC have to say.

Dateline: Monday, 9 March 1998

The Links page has been updated to include links to some related topics such as stuttering (Stuttering Home Page) and organizations which seek to improve public speaking skills (Toastmasters International Home Page).  In addition links to some links to some topical directories in which filled pauses fall are now included (Linguistics Resources, The World Wide Web Virtual Library - Linguistics, and Yamada Language Guides)

Dateline: Thursday, 5 March 1998

Excerpted feedback to the Filled Pause Research Center can now be read in the Feedback Archives. Find out what other visitors have to say about the topic of filled pauses in speech.

Dateline: Tuesday, 3 March 1998

The Filled Pause Research Center is now featured in Netscape's "What's Cool" listing.

Dateline: Friday, 27 February 1998

The Filled Pause Research Center has been selected as a "Komando Kool Site" by Kim Komando's Komputer Klinik for the week beginning February 27. Kim Komando is a TV commentator, syndicated talk radio host, Los Angeles Times syndicated newspaper columnist, contributing editor of Computer Life, and best-selling author.

Dateline: Thursday, 19 February 1998

The Filled Pause Research Center has been chosen as a "Weekly Pick" by Yahoo! for the week beginning February 16th.


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