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The feedback archives contain excerpts of the feedback I've received at the Filled Pause Research Center along with my responses. In spite of all the time that I've spent to make this site relatively comprehensive on the subject of filled pauses, it is your constructive feedback which makes the FPRC complete.  Thanks to all those who've contributed!

Feedback is organized into topics so you can easily find comments pertaining to your interests.

Kudos & Other General Comments
Various comments and compliments about the FPRC

Filled Pauses in Internet Chat
How do people fill pauses during chat sessions?

Related Topics
Comments on various other speech topics

Women & Filled Pauses
Are there gender differences in filled pause use?

For Teachers
For like all you frustrated teachers you know

Public Speaking Skills
Advantages/disadvantages of filled pauses in speech

Examples of Filled Pauses
Unique and personal examples of filled pauses

Ideas & Theories
Further discussions about the nature of filled pauses

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